Austin Biel
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Instrument(s) Piano | Organ | Electric Bass | Trumpet | Vocalist | Synthesizer
Phone 832-452-7798


Austin is a worship leader and jazz musician who has moved to Tampa, Florida area, but still returns to Houston regularly. A long-time member of the Mark Dini Group, and less often with the Ruggles Jazz Brunch, the Kelly Dean Group, and his own band, Austin Biel Group. Active as a producer/arranger, Austin has mostly been affiliated with Sunrise Sound & MediaTech Institute. Austin traveled and ministered for Benny Hinn Ministries for 10 years, but has recently left to pursue full-time. This year, he has founded Covenant School of the Arts ( in Lakeland, FL, and continues to travel - leading worship, speaking and teaching. His wife, Brandy and he share three beautiful children; Jazz, Melody, and Tenor.


Lakeland, FL, USA


Musician/Producer/Worship Leader

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