Chris Cortez: Aunt Nasty
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Artist Site: http://www.bluebamboomusic.com/music

Style: Latin Jazz

Release Date: April 01 2012

Chris Cortez turns in an eclectic batch of 3 vocal and 9 instrumental tunes. Classics, re-imagined as Latin jazz groove machines, Steely Dan-ish, funkyness, moody re-harmonized Disney themes, clever lyrics, spiritual wisdom, sophisticated, yet accessible arrangements, amazing musicianship, stellar sound… in short, this is Chris’ masterpiece. Decked out with Mark Piszczek’s lush horn arrangements and a fantastic band. Featuring: Glen Ackerman, Guillermo Reza, James Metcalfe, Woody Witt, Andrew Lienhard, Joel Fulgham, Carol Morgan, Warren Sneed, Will Cruz, Texas Johnny Boy, Bernard Pierre, and Thomas Hulten.

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