Danielle Reich: This Year's Kisses
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Artist Site: http://www.facebook.com/daniellereichmusic

Style: Jazz Vocal

Release Date: February 07 2011

Danielle Reich's debut album comes after five years of honing her craft as a jazz vocalist in the Houston club scene. Danielle comes from the classical school, but after completing a degree in vocal performance and performing professionally, she turned to vocal jazz as a creative outlet, exploring improvisation, interpretation, and interaction with fellow musicians. After studying under the tutelage of pianist and composer Joe LoCascio for several years, Danielle left the practice room to continue her studies on the bandstand. Starting by sitting in at a small jam session, Danielle began learning from seasoned performers, expanding her repertoire, and finding her own voice. -- Joe Locascio (from the liner notes)

Personnel: Carol Morgan (trumpet, producer), Seth Paynter (tenor saxophone), Andrew Lienhard (piano), David Craig (bass), Daleton Lee (drums). Recorded by Andy Bradley at Sugarhill Studios, 2010.

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