About JazzHouston
A History of JazzHouston, in pictures
Jazzhouston.com was created in 1995 by Andrew Lienhard as part of his personal web site. The domain name was registered the following year in cooperation with the Milt Larkin Jazz Society and Deborah Dunlap in particular. Over the next few years the site was single-handedly managed by both Andrew and saxophonist Kelly Dean. When Andrew moved to NYC in 1997 and until his return in 2004, Kelly took over editorial operations. During this time, Kelly did an amazing job promoting the site, turning it into the popular musician's destination it has become.
Meanwhile, as jazzhouston.com grew in popularity, so did the demand for content updates. It became clear that there needed to be a better way to get information online easily. Behind-the-scenes web dashboards were created and shared with volunteers. The site has over 40 content contributors now, most of whom are working jazz musicians. It has become a true community project.
In Sept 2009, management of the site changed to an editorial committee. This team consists of Pin Lim, Tianna Hall, and Henry Darragh. Pin also runs the twitter feeds and the popular Facebook page. Andrew continues to help with all technical issues. To reach the editorial team, use the Submit link on the site or send an email to notification @ jazzhouston.com
The site runs on LAMR: Linux, Apache, MySQL, and Ruby on Rails. It was previously a Java-based site and before that it was Perl and C-based. The software was written from scratch by the chief nerd, the source for which is available on GitHub.

Andrew Lienhard

Chief Nerd: Site Creator/Developer/Occasional Writer.

Tianna Hall

Chief People Person: The person you'll likely deal with when complaining about this place. Tianna also writes articles and publishes shows. Also, one heck of a singer.

Pin Lim

Social Media Guru: The man behind our Facebook and Twitter worlds. Also one hell of a photographer.

Henry Darragh

Associate People Person: Assisting in the human relations of the site and helps with the calendar. Also, one heck of a singer and a pianist.

Kelly Dean

Editor-in-Chief Emeritus: our former editor who continues to sway the music scene with his words and playing.