Tokyohana Grill & Sushi Bar

Morgan Bouldin reports: In a period of 2 years, Tokyohana Grill and Sushi Bar has become Houston's most popular and exciting Japanese style grill. In 2000, it was voted "best Sushi" by and the Houston Press voted Tokyohana "best family restaurant". They specialize in what they call "Texas style Japanese food" with very reasonable prices compared to Benihana. The menu features grilled chicken, shrimp, scallops, steak, salmon and lobster. The chefs all put on a great show as they cook your food and the kids love the fire. There is a live magician at your table every Thursday and Saturday and live jazz every Tuesday and Friday. I like to brag that it is the only place in Texas to get jazz and sushi at the same time. They also have a "special moment" where at everyone's birthday, the entire staff sings a Japanese version of happy birthday at your table. Fridays are always packed, so it is best to call ahead for reservations.

Address: 3239 Southwest Freeway, Houston Texas
Phone: 713-838-9560
Upcoming Shows at Tokyohana Grill & Sushi Bar

None scheduled: see upcoming shows

Every Week at Tokyohana Grill & Sushi Bar

Fridays: Morgan Bouldin Trio 7-10:30pm
Pianist Morgan Bouldin likes to say that this is the only place in Texas where you can listen to jazz & order sushi. While we have no snappy comeback for that, the reputation of Tokyohana has already been firmly established by the many positive reviews, as well as the extensive waiting list on Friday nights. Also, pick up a copy of Morgan's 2nd CD when it comes out May 1st!
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